• Hundreds of our neighbors are homelessflyer_head2.png
  • Several thousand area families utilize food assistance
  • Many school-aged children have little food on weekends
  • Hundreds of our elderly live below the poverty level
  • Many families depend upon church food pantries
  • Most in need are forced into dire difficulties through circumstances outside of their control.

There are great support programs in the area, but they are not enough. In Waldorf, a hot evening meal is available only Monday through Thursday nights. Today, more than one hundred neighbors enjoy and depend upon those free hot meals every week.

But it’s a long time from Thursday to Monday without dinner!


Calvary UMC wants to help but can’t do it alone.

Our kitchen does not currently meet food safety regulations so the county won’t permit us to serve food to the public. We have started to upgrade our kitchen to comply with food service regulations, but the estimated cost of $60,000 is too much for Calvary alone. That’s why we need your help!

We have the experience! Calvary already operates a county-approved food pantry, provides weekend food packs for school kids in need, sponsors one of the area’s Thursday night free hot meals, and serves holiday meals for first responders

Calvary has adopted a 2018 Mission Initiative to create Calvary’s Kitchen – a program of free hot meals for our needy neighbors! Calvary pledges that once our kitchen is compliant we will make it and the related facilities available every Friday night for a Calvary’s Kitchen dinner. That’s over 5,000 dinners a year!

Please share a bit of your blessings to help create Calvary’s Kitchen!